Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In the Spotlight: Audio Books

I have been listening to audio books for the past two plus years. To me, it is like watching your favorite soap opera, reality show or a movie at the theater. Just like reading, listening to the action, the characters and all the artful descriptions, audio books take me into a world of fantasy and fun.
                I wasn’t sure if I’d even like audio books before I tried it. I mean talking books? Really? How bizarre, right? And who doesn’t love to partake in the stereotypical activity of curling up on your sofa with your favorite heros and heroines? But what about those long car rides when you are just tired of listening to the same songs over and over again on the radio? Or those days and nights when you’re too tired to read? I know lots of my friends get so into their books that it keeps them wide awake, turning page after page until dawn or until the book is finished – whichever seems to come first. But not me. No matter how much I adore a book, love its characters or am intrigued by the plot, reading often puts me into a state of relation, nearing (and often resulting in) sleep.  So I thought maybe audio books would be an interesting alternative to mend my weary mind but to still nourish my love of all things fiction. Plus, I figure, it never hurts to try something once. If I don’t’ like it, there’s no loss; but if I do like it, it will be one more vehicle to expose myself to more novels in my favorite genre – chick lit.
                The first book that I found in the audio book section that sparked my interest was a relatively new release  (this was back in ’09) called Twenties Girl. Written by one of my favorite authors, Sophie Kinsella, this British chick lit book was read by narrator, Rosalyn Landor, who I later came to find, read a few other books by Sophie Kinsella. The audio book edition of Twenties Girl turned out to be extremely humorous much to the credit of the author but also praise must be paid to the woman who delivered the fine words provided by the author.
Since Twenties Girl, I have listened to countless other audio books – from autobiographies to comedies, mysteries, thrillers and of course, chick lit. The more I’ve searched for audio books, the more I’ve found they’re everywhere. Listening to Twenties Girl and being able to compare it to other audio books later, made me realize that an audio book is only as entertaining as the right combination of writing and its narration. I feel lucky that the first audio book I picked out had this winning combination and set the tone for future enjoyment in listening to more chick lit books.  

Have you given audio books a try yet? What will you listen to next?