Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Star Book Review: The One That I Want by Allison Winn Scotch (Audio); Narrated by Allyson Ryan

     Allison Winn Scotch had a contest when her 2010 novel, The One That I Want, came out earlier this year. Readers who purchased a copy of her latest book would receive a bookplate with her signature. Not one to miss out on anything from a prominent chick lit author – especially a “personalized” gift – I jumped at the opportunity to buy my first novel by Allison Winn Scotch. Of course, as I so often do, I ended up listening to the audio version instead of reading the hardcover copy sent to me through Amazon. The way I look at is, however, is that I now have the satisfaction of having completed my first story by AWS and I still have a brand new hardcover copy intact as well as a beautiful, personalized bookplate on the inside cover.

     I was really attracted to The One That I Want’s enigmatic and poignant story line. There was an aura of mystery, fantasy and spirituality that carried through from beginning to end (without seeming fake or contrived in any way). I was also impressed with Allison Winn Scotch’s well-defined characters, which were only made better by narrator, Allyson Ryan’s vocal effects.

     At age 32, Tilly Farmer has her whole life exactly as she wants it. She knows where it’s going, including the when and how of it all. In a succinct word, her life is “perfect”. She and high school sweetheart, Tyler, have been married and living in their hometown, where Tilly is now a guidance counselor at the local school. When the book begins, we find Tilly reminiscing about days of Proms past while making plans for the upcoming school year. From directing the school’s annual play – this year’s production of Grease - to starting a family with Tyler, it seems that nothing can bring Tilly down this year. Little does she know, however, all of her perfectly laid plans are about to be shaken up. One sweltering summer night, just before the new school year is set to begin, Tilly goes to the Town Fair. Just for fun, she decides to visit the fortune teller’s tent, only to find a long-lost best friend of hers from elementary school predicting the destiny of interested fair-attendees. It is on this night that Tilly gets more than just a surprise visit from her old bff as she’s given a gift that opens her eyes to more than she ever wanted to see – more than she ever could have even imagined. All of a sudden, Tilly finds herself unsure if the reality she had planned for herself is the one that she really wants anymore.

     Listen in to find out what the future has in store for Tilly and how she copes when her best laid plans are turned upside down. Does she have any control over her new destiny? Did she ever have control over her life – or was it all a façade? Listen to the full, unabridged audio to find out if “The One That I Want” is the one that Tilly had planned all along. You won’t be disappointed.

     Not only was this my first AWS book but it was also the first audio book I’d heard read by Allyson Ryan. I credit her with a fabulous interpretation of Allison Winn Scotch’s novel. She brought each character to life and left me wanting to turn it on every chance I could get. I know the Allison Winn Scotch and Allyson Ryan team is “one” of the chick lit pairs “that I want” to read and listen to again.

Star Rating 4 Stars

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