Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wish Upon A Star: Not Just a Blog Title

where you wish upon a star.....

My blog title comes from a dream, a wish and a combination of sayings....I wanted to create a blog that followed me on one (or even many) dreams throughout my life. Currently, one of my focuses is on my dream of becoming a published chick lit author. This blog follows me on that journey...as I wish upon my own star...along the way I read a lot of chick lit novels. I review a lot of chick lit books and audio books and I share little snippets from my day that makes everything personal and unique about my wish.

As someone who loves writing (and also a good play on words), I considered various literary terms and famous quotes for my blog address. I thought about my favorite stories as a child and how they often had two things in common: 1.) they always seemed to "live happily ever after" and 2.) they began "once upon a time"....From there, my train of thought moved onto fairy tales and then to Walt Disney...and that's when I heard the tune to "When you wish upon a star" playing in my head.....how can I make it my own? even just a little? Hmmm....I pictured the little cartoon, Jiminy Cricket...I envisioned people clicking on their mouse to visit my blog.....and I pictured bright, twinkling stars over a blue sky...and so it came to be:

where you wish upon a star: a place where I can share my dream of becoming a chick lit author and the journey I take to get there...

more and more elements became intertwined as I've continued writing in this blog, mostly including stars, dreams and anything chick lit...

"The Only Requirement of having a Dream is Believing In It" ~ Molly Barker

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