Saturday, April 16, 2011

Star e-Book Review: The Scent of Jade by Dee DeTarsio

The Scent of Jade  by Dee DeTarsio
            The Scent of Jade by Dee DeTarsio introduces readers to a new heroine, Julie Fraser, who finds herself in for quite the adventure when she decides to follow her husband on his business trip to the rainforest of Costa Rica. Thinking she has made the ultimate romantic gesture, the surprise is on Julie when she catches her husband, Colin, in a compromising and arabesque position with a voluptuous vixen. Not only does this appear to be a shocking display of animal lust, but it also seems to be ritualistic in some way as they are doing the deed in front of some type of jade artifact. Without a second thought, Julie grabs the green object and starts running….and running…and running, further and deeper into the wild of the rainforest.

            Julie doesn’t even consider looking back as she runs, determined to get the picture of her husband and that….hussy…out of her mind, but soon Julie begins to regret her hasty decision, realizing as she looks around that she’s lost and suddenly, she wishes she'd stopped running a while ago. Praying that her husband has sent out a search party for her – even though she hasn’t forgiven him for being a total bastard – Julie makes the best of her current surroundings. Along the way she meets a colorful cast of characters, including a meddlesome monkey, a blonde Juan, his scintillating sister, magic-making mama and many more. But despite who she meets, the only person Julie really wants to connect with is Colin.

            The longer Julie is out in the rainforest, the more she realizes the danger she’s in. Apparently, the jade artifact she “stole” is the long-lost object of Costa Rica’s heritage and there are a lot of people who are very upset that Colin had it in his possession, even more angered to learn that it’s, once again, gone missing!

            What is so important about this little green rock that has everybody in Costa Rica up in arms? Will Julie ever find out? Will she ever be reconnected with her husband, Colin? What will she say to him if they get the chance to reunite? Could this be Julie’s last vacation ever?

            Dee DeTarsio is a former tv news writer who has a talent for reeling readers into her books with her quick wit, a keen and insightful leading heroine, action-packed scenes and much hilarity. If you’re looking for an adventurous romantic-comedy, The Scent of Jade won’t let you down. A fast-paced, quick read, you’ll be racing through the pages. This was the first book I read by Dee DeTarsio and I will definitely be checking out her other releases.

   4 Stars

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  1. Thanks! It really was a fun, page-turning book...had me laughing aloud at times to the point where my fiance was wondering what was so ineresting! I always know a book must be good when I can finish it fast; cause I read sooo slow:)

  2. Dear Cathy! Thank you so much for such a great review--I really appreciate you taking the time to read The Scent of Jade, and then to create such a thoughtful review! Thanks again and take care! xoxo

  3. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!! I am now listening to Something Blue (Audible). I love your blog, lots of great books I can listen to while I am creating the things you saw. Thanks again for stopping by!!

  4. Great review! I have this book and really hope to fit it in soon. It sounds so good!

  5. I have read this book and agree! I loved the jungle setting :)

  6. Thanks everyone fro checking out my review. It really was a great book! If you want to try and win your own copy (or maybe gift to a friend since many seem to have read it, too!) - check out Dee's guest interview and giveaway for 2 copies of The Scent of Jade: