Monday, August 1, 2011

Star Book Review: The Art of Forgetting by Camille Noe Pagan

The Art of Forgetting was a fantastic debut and notable addition to the library of contemporary women’s fiction. Camille Noe Pagan introduces readers to bffs, Marissa and Julia, who have a love-envy relationship not unlike that of the infamous chick lit pair, Rachel and Darcy. Julia and Marissa have been through just about everything from childhood to adulthood, Michigan to New York, break-ups to make-ups but one night changes everything.

When Julia is victim of a tragic car accident, her brain sustains devastating injuries, affecting every facet of her life. No longer able to remember the past or basic self-care skills, Julia’s parents move her back home to Michigan, and she and Marissa are separated for the first time in their friendship.

Adapting to life in New York without Julia is no easy feat for Marissa but life must go on. Boyfriend Dave is ready to take the next step with her but when ex-boyfriend, Nathan reappears, will old habits and forgotten relationships be rekindled? Marissa’s career at Svelte Magazine leads her down a new path and coworker, Naomi introduces her to a new extracurricular, helping and inspiring young girls to run a 5K.

With so many changes in her life and within her relationships, Marissa is growing up at a faster pace than she’s used to. Will she adapt to all the changes or will she want to run back to her roots and Julia in Michigan?

I’ve added The Art of Forgetting to my list of MUST READS for 2011. I absolutely love how the author took some of the integral components of chick lit and combined it with fresh facts and serious drama to create a tale that’s never been told. You won’t want to forget this one!


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***I received a copy of The Art of Forgetting by Camille Noe Pagan via NetGalley solely for review purposes. All thoughts and ideas about the book are my own opinion.***

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