Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Weekend to ReCOVER - Cocktails for Three by Madeleine Wickham

     A Weekend to ReCOVER! – A weekly meme hosted by Her Book Self, a fantastic blog by a self proclaimed “author addict” and lover of all genres. The premise of this meme is fairly simple: post an image of a book cover or other bookish illustration or artwork and talk about it on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday! (This meme originated at Miss Page-Turner's City of Books as ReCOVERy Friday and has been passed on to Lisa at Her Book Self - Thanks very much to both Literary Ladies!!)

            If you’ve followed my blog since its days over at Where You Wish Upon A Star, you may remember a post I once did comparing various covers created for chick lit books in the United States versus the United Kingdom – the differences are vast! (You can still find the old WYWUAS post here and another one I did while contemplating various covers of chick lit series.)Taking a cue from these previous posts as well as the British-based chick lit web site, Chick Lit Reviews’ feature, Cover Wars**, where the Cover Art of Chick Lit novels from around the globe are compared to one another, I’ve decided to continue A Weekend to ReCOVER in a similar fashion.

One of my current reads is Madeleine Wickham’s dark and humorous tale, Cocktails for Three, which portrays the lives of three young women struggling to balance the demands of work, friendship and romance. Londoners, Roxanne, Candice and Maggie, bond together every month over cocktails, catching each other up on the comings and goings of their lives. As the story takes place, each one, whether they are aware or not, are at a crossroads in life, either getting acquainted to a new beginning, making a bargain with the present or figuring out a proper ending. I’m about half way through the novel and with every turning page, become more and more enamored with the three women characters, who are eclectic, intriguing and yet, so relatable all at once. I can’t wait to get back to it and find out what happens next and ultimately how the story concludes.

Interestingly, as different as each of the women characters are in this book, so, too, are the many covers designed for its release. Probably the two most popular (well-known) covers include the UK and US initial releases:

In August, 2010, another cover was released in a re-branding strategy to re-release several of Madeleine Wickham’s books, coupled with her pseudonym, Sophie Kinsella, emblazoned on the cover:

Finally, (although I only recently came across these in a search for the first covers), there were also two other covers; one, for the Hardcover edition and one for the Mass Market Paperback edition:

I love the 2010 newly released cover as well as the UK edition. The only explanation I can even come close to mustering up is that maybe I’m so used to the US edition, with the green background, sunglasses and cocktails on the front, that I like the others for their variety. Perhaps, also, just as I’m most drawn to the personalities and relationships amongst characters in chick lit books, I’m more drawn to the covers which feature an artist’s depiction of what those characters look like.

Which one(s) do you like best and why?

Either way, whichever of the 5 covers is chosen, I’m really glad I picked up this book again. It’s a great story and I’m eager to reach its end (at the same time that I don’t want it to ever endJ) Look for my review on my blog once I do finish it!

 **If you want to check out Chick Lit Reviews for their previous posts on cover wars, visit and decide which covers you like best! 

***All covers retrieved at


  1. Thanks for joining in the meme! I read this one from the library and it was the split blue top cocktail image cover but I agree with you and I like the 2010 and the UK covers best!

    Looking forward to your review as well!

  2. Too funny - I only just found that cover image on my search to see if there were any others than the three I knew of:) Thanks for hosting...look forward to future ReCOVERy weekends!