Monday, April 18, 2011

Special Guest Post & Contest: Dee DeTarsio, Author of The Scent of Jade

(Self) Interview With Dee DeTarsio, Author of The Scent of Jade
(And after the interview, check at the bottom for details on the special contest and giveaway for two (2) Amazon Kindle e-book copies of her adventurous, romoantic comedy, The Scent of Jade.)

Dear Marian Keyes,

Wait a minute. Why are you writing a letter to Marian Keyes, famous author and brilliant Irish storyteller, an icon gifted with wit and charm beyond compare?

Well, if you would bother to take that snooty tone out of your implication, I will answer. I am reaching out to Ms. Keyes because I’m convinced we are BFF soul mates. We have so much in common. It’s uncanny! I even sometimes wonder if we’ve shared past lives together. And besides all that, I am really jonesin’ for a new novel from her; isn’t it Helen’s turn? I’m also thinking Mammy Walsh has some stories in her past...

Why are you stalking Marian Keyes?

She’s a Virgo, I’m a Virgo. She’s a successful internationally recognized goddess of an author, and I...well, I’ve read everything she’s ever written. I expect we would be best friends, as close as sisters. She even looks amazingly like my younger sister, Ma... OK, my sister’s name isn’t Marian, it’s MaryBeth, but we call her Beezer, which has the exact same number of letters Marian’s name does. Coincidence? (I sometimes even call my sister an eejit!)

That’s the strength of your connection?

Her most excellent Ms. Keyes is from Ireland, I love the color green. From her first book, Watermelon, (my seventh favorite fruit) to Sushi For Beginners (I’m only up to California rolls myself!) to Anybody Out There...I have loved, read, and reread every word. I’ve even read parts aloud to my husband.

What can guys learn from chick lit?

Lots of cool stuff. Like women think it’s sexier for guys to fill up our cars with gas, than to play bongos on our ass. (See what I did there, I made it sing-songy so it can be remembered easier.) Guys need to come over to the pink side--they don’t know what they’re missing.

You really think Marian Keyes is going to respond to you?

She’s going to have to sign that restraining order sooner or later.

What do you want from her--a blurb for your book?

That would be genius. I’ve even taken the liberty of writing it for her myself:

You’d be an eejit not to read this gobshite.”  Marian Keyes xoxo

You must really think you’re fly like a G6.

More like a V8.

So, what would you say if you were ever lucky enough to meet the object of your affection?

WHEN I finally meet MARIAN KEYES! (I will be the one wearing my skinny jeans that look brand new on account I don’t get to wear them that often, with a brand new top that covers all the right places--I think a dress would be too-too...) I’m thinking of leading off with, “Top of the morning!” as an icebreaker.

I am such a gobshite.

Dear Marian--Friend me!!

Photos: Marian Keyes...                                                     ...and her doppelganger, my sister, Beezer!    

For more of the writings of hilarious author Dee DeTarsio, check out her blog at or her website at or

Currently at work on her fourth novel, she has written three others, of which I was so lucky to read and review the first, The Scent of Jade. Aptly marketed as "Romancing the Stone" meets Survivor, you won't be disappointed as you fly through the pages in this adventurous romantic comedy. Dee DeTarsio has very generously offered two (2)!!! copies of The Scent of Jade to two lucky winners worldwide. (These are Amazon Kindle formatted e-books. you do NOT need a Kindle to read them, simply download the Kindle application to your phone, iPod, Computer or other compatible device.)

Contest!! Rules & Details: Two (2) Kindle e-Books: The Scent of Jade by Dee DeTarsio

1. Post a Comment below with your Email Address for entry to win one of two copies of The Scent of Jade.
2. One entry per person.
3. Contest is open worldwide; you just need computer access to receive the e-book.
4. Each winner will receive an electronic copy of The Scent of Jade. This is an e-format from Amazon Kindle. You do NOT need to own or use a Kindle ereader; simply download the Kindle Application on your phone, computer, iPod or other compatible device.
5. Contest will be open through Saturday, April 30, 2011.
6. Winners will be chosen randomly through
7. Must include email address in comment so that I can contact you should you win. (I will NOT use your email for any other purpose.)
Good Luck and in the meantime, Check out my review of The Scent of Jade on Lip Gloss and  Literature.


  1. Wow, this sounds like a fabulous book! (Ha ha--it better, I wrote it!) Thanks for having me on Lip Gloss and Literature--Has anyone heard back from Marian Keyes, yet?!

  2. Thanks for the giveaway.


    Sounds great!

  3. I'd love to read this book! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Mariamusings (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. Hey Dee - Marian Keyes is also one of my all-time favourite authors. Like you, I have read everything she's written (including short stories). I assume you know she hasn't written because she is suffering from depression (a reason I think her last book was so disappointing); however, I eagerly await her next novel. While I'm waiting, I would love to read/review yours. Please enter me in your contest. -Nancy (

  5. Thanks, everyone! Nancy, I do know about Marian and her depression--I just hope she knows she's got tons of great fans (like us!) who care for her very much! PS--I just found a short story of hers that I hadn't read before in Party Animal!

  6. This sounds like a fantastic book! Great interview and I hope to win!


  7. Sounds like an entertaining book, I would like to read it.


  8. Just dropped by. I saw the pics of Marian and Dee’s sister and I must agree they could pass for twins! No wonder Dee got a mystical connection with her. Haha! Anyway, the contest is really amazing. I hope you can throw one again so that I can join.


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