Thursday, May 19, 2011

Third Sentence Thursday - Holly's Inbox by Holly Denham
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I am so excited to finally post a little something from one of my current readings in progress! I belong to the Chick Lit Book Club on Goodreads and every month we choose a different chick lit novel to read based on a theme for the month, members’ suggestions and finally, a group vote.

With Teacher Appreciation month, National Health Administrator's, Nurses, Police & Emergency Medical Services weeks, Golfer's, Armed Forces & Memorial Days all occurring in May, we decided to celebrate women and their many careers. Holly’s Inbox was chosen from a group of “working Girl” Chick Lit books. Written entirely in email format, Holly’s Inbox is a quick, fun and unique read. Gossip, office romance, ex-boyfriends, parties with coworkers, evil bosses…working at the office has never been so fun!

Working Girl Chick Lit - Chick Lit Book Club's Pick for May

Sneak a peak at the third email from the current page I am on:

Subject: Sister needs dating advice

From: Holly

To: Charlie Denham

I go to lunch on top of the world, I come back, and suddenly, everything’s going wrong. I need your help. Did I tell you I’ve been dating someone at work? Actually, I know I haven’t told you, but there it is. I have, and he’s a really nice guy, but he’s just asked me who Toby is. What should I say (Toby only happens to work on the same floor)?


PS Don’t worry if you have no advice at all, I know you are a guy, and you find touchy-feely problems difficult.

Holly’s Inbox by Holly Denham

Holly's Inbox by Holly Denham
System alert: Inbox full of scandal, romance, and office hilarity!

Meet Holly Denham. It's her first day as a receptionist at a London investment bank and inexperienced Holly is struggling. How's a working girl supposed to have a love life with a demanding job, crazy friends, a dysfunctional family, and gossipy colleagues? Not to mention that Holly's been keeping a secret from everyone - and the past is about to catch up with her.

An affair with a sexy VP heats things up at the office, but when Holly's first flame (who, she thinks, left her in the lurch) gets a job at the same company, complications abound and Holly's inbox becomes a daily source of drama, laughter and scandal.

Repeatedly compared to Bridget Jones' Diary, became a website phenomenon, with thousands of daily visitors from all over the world. This novel tells Holly's story in full, and also includes exclusive extra material not available on the site.
Synopsis provided by Goodreads


  1. I recently read this book and thought it was a lot of fun! :)

  2. I'm going to have to try this given your observation that it's been compared so often to Bridget Jones's diary since that is my hands down favorite, chick lit book :)

  3. I know I can't wait to get a chance to start the sequel!! If you want a sneak peak of the format and content, check out the book's sister website, and peruse Holly's emails! So fun...addictive and juicy:) Have fun