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Special Author Interview & Book Review with Lynda Renham, Author of Wedding Cake to Turin

Q. I often hear “write what you know. Was there any truth to your novel, Wedding Cake to Turin?

LR: Wedding Cake to Turin was born after a visit to Turin. We actually went to a wedding and did, in fact, escort a wedding cake. The story can be read on my humorous blog at idea for the novel was conceived after this trip, although my trip was obviously less traumatic than Charley’s.

Q. You refer to your novel as “humorous chick- lit suited for women between the ages of twenty-five and fifty-five”. How would you define the genre? What does it mean to you?

LR: I think my novel could be described as a “Romantic Comedy” and very much written tongue in cheek. The Chick-lit genre has a wide definition and I wouldn’t attempt to define it. I love an easy read and that is Wedding Cake to Turin.

Q. I read that you have been working on the craft of writing since you were 10 years old. How did you become a writer? Did you have any specific influences (people, events or other)?

LR: Yes, I have been writing from a young age. I remember being highly influenced as a young teenager by the likes of Sylvia Plath and Iris Murdoch. My novel ‘The Diary of Rector Byrnes’ which I published under the name of Mary Renham was very much influenced by Iris Murdoch. I stopped writing during a difficult period in my life and it was only after my second marriage and my husband’s persistent support that I began again. I started writing for “The Scavenger” online magazine for which I became an associate editor. I have since written many articles and several novels. It is hard to recall how I became a writer. It just feels like I have always been one.

Q. Do you have a specific routine or process to your writing and/or what does your writing space look like?

LR: I love writing in our summer house and find it very odd to write anywhere else. Usually the door is open and the cat is lazing around outside. I play lots of music, usually through my headphones. Every novel I have written has had a music connection. I type them straight onto my Netbook and Andrew (my husband) listens to the work I have done later that same evening and we discuss any changes that could be made. I usually work in the afternoons.

Q.I read that you are working on another novel to come out later this year, called Croissants and Jam”. Can you tell us a little about it?

LR: Yes, I am very excited about this novel. ‘Croissants and Jam’ is also a romantic comedy.
In the novel, the reader goes on a journey with the heroine (Bels), who is off to Rome to be married. However, she has doubts that Simon is the right man for her. A mishap on the plane means her flight gets diverted. A chance encounter with another passenger leads to nothing but trouble and Bels find herself struggling to get to her wedding rehearsal on time. He life is thrown into turmoil when she finds herself deeply attracted to the Good Samaritan who has offered to drive her to Rome. Hilarious situations arise as she tries to get to her fiancée. Does the marriage go ahead or is her heart stolen by her travelling companion? Read the book to find out. A delicious fun, cheeky read with lots of tasty food references.

Q. What are some of your other favorite books to read? Genres? Authors?

LR: I like chick-lit and adore Louise Bagshaw’s books. I also enjoy the classics and Jane Austen and the Bronte’s are particular favourites. Having lived in the Middle East for some time, I very much enjoy novels that are based there and one of my favourites is ‘Mornings in Jenin’ by Susan Abulhawa. A new author I am enjoying is Roni Cooper.

Q. I notice you have several web sites where you post information and various articles as well as several book sites where readers can buy Wedding Cake to Turin. What can you tell aspiring authors, bloggers and readers about self-publishing? Do you have any suggestions for anyone seeking to take this route?

LR: As you may already know, many writers have taken the self-publishing route, of course, John Grisham, being the most well-known. The only advice I can really give on taking this route is proof read, proof read and proof read even more. It is not an easy road and a great deal of enthusiasm is needed and of course, much self-publicizing. The important thing is to never give up and to be ruthless with your work. If it is boring, delete it. If you’re rambling, delete it but always be ruthless.

Q. What are your interests/hobbies outside of writing?

LR: I love photography, eating copious amounts of yogurt, playing with my cat and needlecraft. Once a week I crash out with Andrew on the couch for a DVD fest, which is my all-time favourite thing.

Q. What is something that most people wouldn't necessarily know about you (that you would be willing to share here, of course!)?

LR: I have twenty three loyalty cards from our local supermarket. Why? The loyalty card assistant is a Jude Law look alike. I cannot resist him. If he tells me something has double loyalty points, I want it. I once came home with several tins of dog food (triple points) and I don’t even own a dog!

Like the interview? Want to learn more about Lynda Renham and her writing? Check out her blog at and keep reading to check out my review of her novel, Wedding Cake to Turin

Wedding Cake to Turin by Lynda-Renham Cook

Self-published author Lynda Renham Cook has written an action-packed, chick lit adventure story full of stilettos and designer dresses, guns, cops, movie stars and beautiful people. And the excitement certainly does not stop there. From plane rides, to mafia men, weddings, affairs, Italy and Facebook, Wedding Cake to Turin is up with the latest trends and doesn’t leave anything uncovered.

Leading lady, Charley, works at the trendy company Our Celebs, where she is personal assistant (and girlfriend) to boss, Nigel. When Charley suspects Nigel of cheating on her with her best friend, Sam, it puts a real damper on Charley’s Christmas. As if things couldn’t get worse, Nigel announces at the company Christmas Party that Charley is to fly to Turin, Italy on Christmas Day to deliver a Wedding Cake to one of the hottest actors in the world at the moment, Marc, and his fiancé.

Charley meets the most gorgeous man on her plane ride by the name of Michael who showers her with attention and gifts after mere hours of knowing her. Michael has a knack for showing up at the worst and best possible moments all at once. Is he too good to be true? Another new friend, Felicity, is sent alongside Charley as her assistant to make sure the cake gets delivered to Marc on time and in one piece; but when Felicity and Marc meet, sparks fly between them and his wedding…well…you’ll have to read to find out!

Wedding Cake to Turin brings on a whirlwind of events from page one! You’ll feel like you’re right alongside Charley during every agonizing and exciting minute of her saga. Author Linda Renham applies some of the more traditional elements of chick lit to her novel but then she mixes it up with many of her own scenarios, characters and creations. A very entertaining and fast-paced read with a gorgeous cover.

Get your own copy of Wedding Cake to Turin on Amazon in paperback or find it in their Kindle e-bookstore.


  1. This book sounds like great fun - I'm going to download it to read on my holiday. Thanks for the low down and the heads up Cathy!
    Janice x

  2. I'm a big fan of food-related fiction. Thanks for highlighting this one!