Monday, July 11, 2011

Star Audio Book Review - The Single Girl's To-Do List by Lindsey Kelk, Narrated by Cassandra Hardwood

Lindsey Kelk has done it again! Her newest contemporary chick lit novel, The Single Girl’s To-Do List, combines great friends, a not-so-great ex-boyfriend, a laundry list of to-dos and few new and hilarious romantic adventures into one fabulous audio book. Leading lady, Rachel Summers thinks everything in life is grand and hopes that soon boyfriend Simon will make an honest woman out of her and then they can buy a house, start a family, and conquer the world (and Rachel’s never-ending to-do lists) together. Unfortunately, Simon’s got other plans – and they don’t include Rachel.

Heartbroken and lost, Rachel is lucky to have the best of friends run to her side, where they stay for the entire story. Best friends Matthew and Emelie help Rachel see that she needs to create an entirely new kind of to-do-list, one that highlights and celebrates her singledom. And so Rachel sets off, with two-weeks to accomplish all kinds of things she’s never experienced before. Do something illegal? Get a tattoo? Find a date for Dad’s wedding? Some items are definitely harder than others…and almost all hilarious!

Lighthearted and fun, Lindsey Kelk has delivered an uplifting novel that reminds me why I love being a woman. In what seems to have become something of a signature trademark, she continues to make good use of pop culture references, like she’s done throughout her I Heart series. While I have yet to listen to the audio renderings of the I Heart series, Kelk uses same narrator, Cassandra Harwood, who does a fantastic job as Rachel, Emelie, Matthew and crew. She has a strong voice which is easily enunciated, pitch perfect and adjusted accordingly by character. I look forward to checking out the next audio book on my own to-do-list in the I Heart series, I Heart Hollywood, also narrated by Cassabdra Harwood.

            I have always found Lindsey Kelk to be a very inspirational, young writer in contemporary chick lit. From author to fashion aficionado to blogger and beauty editor, she seems to do a little of everything. Check out her latest reviews of all things pretty and colorful for hair, make-up and skin at her Beauty Mecca blog. Or if you want to learn more about her I Heart series or check out Angela’s exclusives guides to NYC, Hollywood or Paris, click Here. Both sites are gorgeous (and addictive!)

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